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Flora’s Life: Bone Marrow Donation Process

A lot of people seem hesitant to sign up for a bone marrow registry like Be the Match because they don’t know what the bone marrow donation process is like. I assure you that a bone marrow donation is nothing like donating an organ and your body will regenerate the stem cells and/or marrow that you donate.

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How to Donate Bone Marrow and Sign Up to Become a Donor

When family and friends hear the news that a loved one needs a bone marrow transplant and are in need of a donor, many want to know how they can help. If you live in the U.S., one of the best and simplest ways to help is to sign up for the national bone marrow registry through

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Personal Injury Claim Vs. Settlement

“More than just a momentary inconvenience, another person’s negligence or actions can create a hardship if you find yourself in the process of settling a claim for a personal injury. The purpose of a settlement is to help you return to the state you were in before the incident occurred. Filing a personal injury insurance claim, however, does not necessarily mean that you are entitled to a settlement.”

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Spring Break or Summer Staycation Ideas

“You don’t have to book a plane just to have fun during spring break. When money is tight, plan a staycation week where you and the kids have fun in your own community. Let your children in on the planning to help get them revved up for their week off school.”

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What Net Worth Requires Money Management?

“Your net worth is the sum of your assets minus the sum of your liabilities. Assets include the money you have in your checking and savings accounts, property and investments. Liabilities are debts, such as auto loans, mortgages and credit card transactions. Calculating your net worth is a good way to measure your financial health regardless of your income level, and being smart about managing liabilities and assets can help you increase or maintain your financial well-being.”

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The New Kind of Identity Theft

“You are so awesome that others want to be you. If you’re talking about admirers, this can be a good thing (until it gets creepy). When it comes to identity theft, this is problematic. The latest form of identity theft is medical identity theft. With health insurance premiums becoming less affordable, especially if you have a disqualifying preexisting condition, identity bandits might mooch off your good health record or current health insurance information so they can get their own prescriptions, expensive procedures or medical treatments.”

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How to Make Your Own Bathroom Space Saver

“Space in a bathroom is a commodity and is often traded for more space in a common area of a home or a bedroom. Because there is little floor space in the bathroom, consider taking advantage of the wall space above your toilet, which is often unused. Bathroom space savers that you can purchase on the market may be expensive and often require assembly. Use a bathroom space saver to store hygiene products, towels, hair accessories and other items that no longer fit under the bathroom sink.”

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Flora’s Life: Rod Stewart’s Latest Album, ‘Time!’

Rod Stewart’s latest album, Time!, is out. Check out my review here: Flora’s Life: Rod Stewart’s Latest Album, ‘Time!’.

How to Start Raising Your Credit Score Today

“Your credit score—three little numbers—can affect your ability to get a job, secure a loan with a good interest rate, get affordable insurance premiums or even rent an apartment. While it may not seem fair, companies often use your credit score to deem if you are trust worthy or not. If you’re not sure what your credit score is, learn how to get your free report here.”

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Finding the right company for your Home Remodeling Project

“Changes to your home, whether big or small, can be exciting and even intimidating, but good home remodelers can ensure your project is successful and goes smoothly. When beginning a remodeling project, knowing what to look for in a professional can help you find a creative person who can work around any obstacle or within any budget.”

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